Nasa’s Mars Lander Sends Back First Picture From The Red Planet

NASA’s InSight lander launched early this year, and finally arrived at Mars, successfully landing on the planet’s surface. Now the robot has shot back its very first photos of its landing site.

The first image, a dust-covered snapshot taken just moments after landing, was difficult to make out. The dust and debris is actually caked to a lens cover that is removable, and InSight will remove that filter to get clearer shots in the future.

The second image, taken from a different camera built into the robot, is much clearer. It was snapped by the lander’s Instrument Deployment Camera.

InSight’s mission is slated to last two years, so many new photos and findings from the robot are expected over the next several month, with the lander still getting itself ready for the years of work ahead of it.

Insight Has Given Us a New View of Mars