Ex-Trump Adviser Roger Stone Admits To Online Lies; Settles $100M Lawsuit

Roger Stone, a longtime GOP consultant and former adviser to President Donald Trump, has settled a defamation suit that sought $100 million in damages over false online statements he published on InfoWars.com.

In lieu of paying damages, Stone will admit to making false statements on the far-right website; post retractions online; and run ads in newspapers apologizing for making defamatory statements about Chinese businessman Guo Wengui. Stone had called the exiled Chinese businessman a “turncoat criminal who is convicted of crimes here and in China.” Further, Stone accused Guo of violating U.S. election laws by making political donations to Hillary Clinton and funding a presidential bid by Steve Bannon, according to the lawsuit.

Stone’s actions during the 2016 presidential election are being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone admits to spreading lies online

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